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New life of your books


Since the beginnings of printing, books were bound for preservation as they were considered as valuable source of knowledge and expertise. Some books from the 16th century Renaissance are still in perfect condition.

The book is changing. As of today, it is becoming more and more virtual with new technology like tablets, etc. Consequently, a «real» book will become increasingly valuable for those who like to hold a proper book in their hand. For reading lovers, nothing beats a book beautiful to look at, to touch, solid enough to withstand time and for that you need to bind it.

If this appeals to you, I offer bookbinding made with different materials (leather, cloth, paper) which you can choose by yourself. See the relevant sections for the technical details.

Since I live in Auroville, near Pondicherry in South India, I specialized in bookbinding the work of Sri Aurobindo, Mother and Satprem. But all books deserve a good binding and I refuse none except those that are not stitched as it is not worth the trouble. Look inside the leaflets to see if you can find some threads between them.

Practical rates are on average 10 to 15 times lower than in France where the cost of binding for a book of 24 by 15 cm varies from 150 to 250 euros (or more if it includes gilding of the title or a decoration) depending on the materials used.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact me by email for more information and I will be happy to answer you.


There are three possibilities of material to cover the book:

Approximative price of the material used for an average sized book:

  • Paper: 10 euros
  • Fabric: 15 euros
  • Leather: 20 euros

This does not include the cost for postal fees which vary according to weight and country.


You can send me a book to bind on a trial basis to see if you like it. It's always better to see and touch the book with one's hands than getting an impression from looking at a photograph.

If you send me 5 books or more I'd ask you to pay in advance half of the cost in order to buy the material.

Of course, all the details will be settled by email beforehand.

Technical details about orders, delivery, etc.

You'll have to send me your book(s) by post or courier (DHL - FEDERAL EXPRESS etc ...) and I'll send them back by normal or quick Post. There's a Book Post option which is the cheapest but it may take about two months and the books must be visible in the package through a small opening.

I can give you the cost of the package by email.


Contact me and I'll reply within 3 business days

E-mail: michellt@auroville.org.in
Michel Lemoulant
Vanaville unit
Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India